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About the Teamsters

Founded in 1903, the Teamsters mission is to organize and educate workers towards a higher standard of living.

There are currently 1.4 million members under 21 Industrial Divisions that include virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and non professional, private sector and public sector.

Highline SD T-III Information Page

Paraboard Logo Wide

Good morning!

The Paraeducator Board is pleased to announce an additional opportunity to apply for the Pipeline for Paraeducator Conditional Loan Scholarship!

The next deadline is just a month away, on March 6th, but if you are unable to apply by this date we have created an additional review date, May 8th. Please be sure to pass this message along to all interested paraeducators.

Details of the program follow:

This program can provide funding for paraeducators interested in earning their residency teaching certificate, who have a minimum of three years classroom experience and no college degree, with up to $4,000 towards earning their Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Washington community or technical college. Those awarded will be required to complete their AA within two years of award date, making them eligible to enroll in an Alternative Route 1 program to earn certification, and teach for a minimum of two years.

More information on the requirements and responsibilities of candidates are now available:

We look forward to your application!

Employee Safety

Based on feedback from the surveys, the hottest topic was Employee Safety.  Many examples of unruly children hitting, kicking, biting, throwing objects, and attacking employees.  It was the consensus of the members in attendance the District is not providing a safe work environment from violent children.

Because we were able to decipher the data, Doug Henderson and Anthony Murrietta contacted Washington State Labor & Industries prior to the meeting. The agent directed us to the "Safety and Health Core Rules", which are the laws requiring Employers to provide a safe work environment. 

Please refer to the Teamsters 763 website, Teamsters III, Putting your Employer on Notice link.  We are preparing step by step instructions on what to do when faced with this situation.


Safety and Health Core Rules

Chapter 296-800 WAC

Employer Responsibilities: Safe Workplace

296-800-11000  Employer Responsibilities: Safe workplace Summary 

296-800-11005  Provide a workplace free from recognized hazards

296-800-11010  Provide and use means to make a workplace safe

296-800-11015  Prohibit employees from entering, or being in, any workplace that is not safe

296-800-11020  Construct your workplace so it is safe

296-800-11025  Prohibit alcohol and narcotics from your workplace

296-800-11030  Prohibit employees from using tools and equipment that are not safe

296-800-11035  Establish, supervise, and enfore rules that lead to a safe and healthy work

296-800-11040  Control chemical agents

296-800-11045  Protect employees from biological agents

Employee Responsibilities

296-800-12000  Rule

296-800-12005  Employee responsibilities


Putting Your Employer On Notice

What to do when violently attacked by a child at school? Start by placing your employer on notice. File a report to ensure you properly documented the incident. File as many as is appropriate.

Click on the report below to download the interactive word document. Once you've filled out the form, please be sure to make a copy for your own records. 



Bargaining Committee Expectations

The members unanimously ratified the follow expectations of the bargaining committee:

  • All proposals will first be viewed and vetted by the bargaining committee prior to submitting it to the district,
  • All phones, i-pads, tablets, etc shall be turned off during bargaining,
  • All members of the committee shall be encouraged to participate in the discussions with the district (understanding there is a chief spokesperson),
  • All members of the bargaining committee are encouraged to communicate with the members of Teamsters III bargaining unit what is taking place during  bargaining and encouraged to bring back to the committee the member’s feedback,
  • The committee shall post contract updates on the Teamsters 763 website after each session,
  • All members of the bargaining committee are expected to attend the meeting(s) preparing the proposals and the negotiation sessions,
  • Any member of the bargaining committee who violates these expectations will be removed from the committee.


Meal and Rest Periods and Hours Worked

We also discussed employees missing their Meal and Rest Periods and Hours Worked.  The Union provided copies of Labor and Industries Administrative Policies regarding both of these topics.  Please familiarize yourself with both of these Administrative Policies:

Washington State Labor and Industries ES.C.2

Washington State Labor and Industries ES.C.6   

If your school is not allowing for proper breaks and/or lunch periods or violating work hours, you may file a grievance or a complaint with L&I.

Early Education Paras are in need of a classification study due to the recent changes in their duties, all others were reviewed during the last year.


Bargaining Committee Members

The bargaining committee is as follows:

Betty Albright, Para

Laura Butler, Para

Peach Aigbe, Para

Patty Boyd, Para

Debi Bosch-Gravel, Nurse

Jessica Kido, Other

Rochelle Kelley, Nutrition Services

Deb Marbet, Office (elementary)

Patti Zimmerman, (high school)


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